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Who owns the website content and software?

You own all content in the form of text/images, and 99% of the software we use comes with GNU Public License – meaning you’ll own all of the customized software running your site, including your WordPress core installation.

Is my data backed up?

Yes. We used a 4X backup system to safeguard your data on multiple levels. 2 backups are at the server level and 2 backups are at the website level, we store 1 backup on-site in your hosting account, and we store 1 backup off-site in a secure Dropbox.

What is considered technical support?

Broadly speaking, technical support relates to getting a system error fixed that isn’t “user generated”. For user generated issues, or help in adding or fixing new features/content the level of support will depend on any warranties given at the time of your service purchase, or if you are subscribed to a Support Plan.

Most often times,  we operate on good faith and may fix small issues without charging. Typically charges are triggered when a problem requires a significant amount of time getting it fixed or if there are repeated occurrences or if you are asking us to modify content on your behalf.

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