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WordPressTechs: Design - Hosting - SEO

WordPressTechs was born from an industry demand for professional quality WordPress services with affordable pricing that makes sense. Everything we do is for the benefit of our clients – everything that we are is thanks to them. We don’t take shortcuts – we do things the right way following industry best practices so you don’t have to worry if our work will comply with the latest policy’s passed down from major search engines. We are WordPress professionals and we take pride in the high quality and reliability of our work!

4 Keys To Success


The highest level of personal service, as a new client you will be assigned an Account Manager, this is your point of contact with WordPressTechs. Our account managers aren’t low level support reps, these are our highest level technicians – with unlimited privileges to manage services – they speak for our company and are our most trusted asset. Imagine sending an email/txt or phone call and getting in contact with a top-level agent that not only has the knowledge necessary to solve your problem – but also has the access privileges to make it happen! No more “let me transfer you to my manager” or “I’ll put in a request with our server techs”, your personal account manager is certified to handle everything.


We are committed to our clients, to give them the most advanced hardware to power their website and we keep it affordable by eliminating overhead. Our competitors waste their budgets on huge teams of customer service reps, multi-level tech support, and expensive ad campaigns to lure customers in, not us! We’ve cut out all the middle-men by providing each client a fully qualified Account Manager, this not only saves our time but yours too! We also don’t have to jack up prices to accommodate a bloated marketing campaign because we count on the satisfaction of our happy clients to pass the word around for us – and it works, because we care and our clients are happy.


WordPressTechs believes in keeping updated with the latest changes and developments in online technology, and as part of this endeavor we conduct regular apprising and updating programs for our team and our tech. This is to ensure that our clients receive the best in class each and every time they rely on us for a project or service.


WordPressTechs is a detail-oriented team, leaving no room for errors or miscommunication. It is our constant endeavor to create and develop long lasting business relationships with our clients, we work closely with you to understand your business objectives and needs, so that we can design, develop and maintain websites or applications that best suit your goals.

WordPressTechs - Design

On your hosting account or one of ours, we’ll build your website with the same level of premium quality. If you host with another company, we’ll even perform an optimization of that account to insure the fastest page load times possible – we put professional quality into everything we do regardless of where we work.

Optimized To Heck

We don't skimp on any part of your new site build or redesign. The latest technologies and trends are put to use pushing your online presence to the forefront of modern web design.

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Pixel Perfect Design

Every design is matched to compliment your style and preferences, from logo creation to marketing materials we can handle every aspect of your website design and development.

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WordPressTechs - Hosting

Experience the difference, hosting the way it was meant to be. What sets us apart? Your website won’t be slow because of your neighbors – other cheap hosting companies will pack hundreds of websites on a single server, with our affordable cloud hosting options you can enjoy the benefits of a speedy website without the hassles associated with traditional “shared hosting”. Our cloud hosting product is optimized for WordPress and we keep our servers running lean and mean, so your site will always run faster than the competition. If you need something more powerful than the cloud, we have other services that are priced right to give you dedicated resources, find out more about our plans here.

Flexible Bandwidth

All plans include generous amounts of bandwidth, if your site needs more we can upgrade your plan - in the mean time rest assured you won't get shut down for being 'too busy'.

Flexible Storage

Like bandwidth we don't enforce strict limits on accounts, if your site has outgrown its hosting plan we'll begin talks about an upgrade, simple as that - no hidden charges and no shut downs.

Powerful Hardware

We have the most powerful hosting infrastructure in the industry, with full enterprise SSD for storage and Intel E5 processors on top of a 40Gbps network.

Personal Support 24/7

Get to know your personal Account Manager, emails/calls/txts - communicate using your preferred method, we'll take care of you and make your inquiries our top priority.

Free Domain Name

All plans include 1 free domain name - additional Domain's can be added to your account for a small fee. If your plan to to build a second site - we also offer discounts for that.

Free SSL Certificate

All plans come with an SSL from LetsEncrypt, secure your data and protect your visitors all for free. Not only is it secure, but you'll also get an SEO boost from Google.

Free Standard Email

Unlike other hosting companies we don't charge for custom email accounts. We include free basic email accounts in all our hosting plans - and can accommodate additional needs.

Premium DNS

DNS can bottleneck your system - that's why we implement 5 standard NameServers with capability to add an additional 6 with DDoS protection from CloudFlare.

Free Site Migration

Is your current host slow or buddy and you need to get out? Let us handle everything. We'll backup and transfer your website with minimal downtime - if any.

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Service Guaranteed

WordPressTechs will never send you an invoice for a deposit nor require any prepayment. Our invoice process is simple = pay after you've received the service you expected.

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99.9% Uptime SLA

Hosting companies rarely compensate customers when they fail to meet their SLA. WordPressTechs won't just prorate for a few days, we'll give you the whole month free.

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We provide 4 redundant sets of daily automated backups for all your website files, SQL databases, and Theme/Plugins. In the event of disaster - we're prepared.

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WordPressTechs - SEO

SEO Analysis

Our SEO Analysis will look into how your website is doing online. We will look at your website design, functionality, content and technical compliance. We also look into your ideal keywords and locations in relation to your competition.

Search Engine Optimization

With a WordPressTechs SEO plan we will touch every resource that makes up your website providing detailed before and after reports - showing you the vast improvement in overall site optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Social media like Facebook/Google+ are essential to any business or organization, connect with your target audience and easily increase traffic, brand awareness and share your information.

Google PPC

Search engine advertising is the most popular forms of PPC, stop waiting for customers to show up and get your site ranked #1 in Google instantly, beat competitors and build your brand quick! Start for as little as $100.